Pipe Boxing

Pipe Boxing

The Solution to Hide Unsightly Pipework

Specially designed to enable easy, fast and clean boxingin of exposed pipe work. The Thermopanel pipe Boxings are completely waterproof so they are suitable for shower and wet rooms, as well as bath.

The Pre-fabricated boards are 20 mm thick. Made from 100% HCFC-FREE XPS hard foam, reinforced with fiberglass mesh on both sides and coated with  olymer-modified mortar.

The boards are 100% waterproof and remain fully functional. Thermopanel shaped Angle Board can simply cover the water pipes and other attachment by flexible tile adhesive.

Its cemented surface is a good adhesive undersurface for tiling.The easy installation can save a lot of time and money.


  • Can be either tiled or plastered
  • Fast and efficient way to box in pipes prior to tiling or plastering
  • Greatly reduces installation time
  • Reduces the need to plasterboard timber when  applying render
  • Waterproof and stable in a moist environment
  • Can be used to create designs in a bathroom rather than simply covering unsightly features
  • Easy and cost effective method for creating tiled columns and rounded corners panels.
Part NumberDescriptionThickness (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Length (mm)
TP150Pipe Boxing Panel - 'L'201501501250
TP200Pipe Boxing Panel - 'L'202002001250
TP300Pipe Boxing Panel - 'L'203003001250