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The benefits of installing a Thermopanel Wet Room Include

100% watertight

The Thermopanel system provides a solid waterproof foundation which will eliminate leaks and water damage.

A complete wet room solution

Thermopanel produces all of the supplies and products needed to install a highly functional wet room.

Can increase property value

Studies have shown that homes that add a wet room as a second bathroom are of a higher value than comparable homes with only a traditional bathroom.


Make your development stand out from competitors. Complete the look of the home and add prestige with a wet room installation.

Quality & value

Thermopanel produces high quality products created with the user in mind.


Established in 2003, Thermopanel is a member of the Pedarson Group, committed to creating high quality wet room components at an attractive price. We produce a wide range of wet room products, including: tile backer insulation boards, waterproofing, walkin shower trays, drains, shower screens, underfloor heating and wet room accessories

At Thermopanel we love a good-looking wet room and the brand was created from a desire to ensure that the growing trend for wet rooms is accessible to everyone. However, at Thermopanel we believe that it is what’s underneath that truly counts. We encourage people to look beyond the façade and appreciate the importance of quality wet room foundations – because if it’s not properly waterproofed then it’s a damp room, not a wet room!